Marking a 13-year partnership between CMT Global Technologies and Horizon Power (HP) Western Australia – and counting!

Since 2011, it has been our annual tradition to visit HP, where we’ve cultivated not just a professional relationship but also a cherished friendship. Horizon Power, as WA’s premier regional and remote energy provider, serves over 35,000 residential and 9,000 business customers with unwavering dedication.

Thirteen years ago, HP embraced our CMT’s NDT corrosion detection using RLS system, a decision that has proved invaluable in ensuring the integrity of their infrastructure. We eagerly anticipate many more years of collaboration and innovation with this esteemed partner.

🎥 Explore the transformative power of RLS Corrosion Detection in action:

Our journey in Western Australia alongside HP has been nothing short of amazing. Under the exemplary leadership of Mr. Layton Baker, the talented team at HP consistently demonstrates unparalleled commitment and expertise.

We like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Anthony Lima for his steadfast support. Anthony’s dedication as our certified RLS trainer and exclusive licensee across Australia and New Zealand has been instrumental in expanding the reach of RLS corrosion detection. Thanks to his efforts, the RLS technique has been successfully implemented in various regions since 2012, that included Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, Northern Territory, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory, and even Wellington and Nelson in NZ.

Here’s to the enduring success of our partnerships and the transformative impact of innovative technologies in the energy sector!