MPT Lamppost Defect Testing

Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT)

What is Magnetic Particle Testing?

MPT is a non-destructive test (NDT) process for detecting surface and sub-surface defects, eg. welding defects, corrosion.

The component that is to be inspected is magnetized, creating a magnetic field through the component. If there are any defects present on or near the surface, the defects will cause disruption to the uniform pattern of the magnetic field.

Why Lighting Column Requires MPT?

Flanged lighting column subjects to stresses from external load and impact, or induced stresses from the welding process, etc. Also, steel lighting column is prone to corrosion due to unfavourable conditions of climate and environment. Undetected crack, defect or corrosion in a lighting column can be catastrophic as it can topple and cause serious damages and injuries.

Steel lighting columns with flange base embedded in concrete may have hidden corrosion as the lime-based concrete accelerates corrosion.