iSLMS+ Streetlight Lux Mapping

State-of-the-art Intelligent Roadway Light Mapping & Analytical tool

  • Based on ANSI/IES Recommended Practice for Roadway Lighting
  • High sensitivity digital sensors designed for precision photometry
  • High performance GPS module
  • Intelligent on-premise/cloud-based lighting analytical tool
  • HD video live view/playback (optional)
  • ECU for road tunnel mapping
  • Color-coded lux mapping on Google map
  • Designed for one-man operation

System Architecture

iSLMS+v2.0 Features

  • Settable road categories for differentiated passing criteria of minimum, maximum and average lux, and its uniformity
  • Selectable 1.5x lux in conflict areas, apart from normal 1.0x measurements
  • Alerts for settable dark spot size in each road category
  • Dashboard for quick glance of measurement results
  • Calculation of average lux and uniformity for any selected sections of measurements
  • Instant measurement/mapping results in forms of numeric and graphic reports
  • Selectable lamp pole ID display
  • Easy and robust installation using Thule rapid rack system
  • Compensation coefficient for installing on various vehicle types
  • Travel speeds up to 100km/h
  • Separate user access for parameters setting, analysis & reporting, and measurement
  • Minimum maintenance


  • Lighting type: All light types – SON, LED, SOX, FL, MH
  • Road category: Expressway, major/minor road, tunnel, flyover, VUP, and conflict areas
  • Lux measurement: 1.0x for roads, 1.5x for conflict areas, eg. junction, intersection, zebra crossing
  • Lux range: 0 to 5000 lux
  • Lux accuracy: 1 lux
  • Lux sampling frequency: 3 msec
  • GPS accuracy: 5m radius
  • GPS frequency: 1561.09/1575.42 MHz
  • Photo frame: 15 fps
  • Photo image: 2 million pixels
  • Travel speed: up to 100 km/h
  • Installation height: up to 2m from ground
  • Power supply: 12V (lighter port)
  • Operating environment: -40 to +100 oC, 0 to 80% RH
  • Protection rating: IP65