PortaSCAN® Tree Inspection

PortaSCAN® Rapid Detection & Assessment of live trees in areas of concern

  • Non-invasive testing of tree trunks and branches, up to 8m height without lifting equipment
  • Identify density loss or decay in a depth of 90mm to 125mm (density dependent)
  • Immediate on-site results indicating depth detected
  • Highly portable, lightweight and user-friendly
  • Battery powered for all day use


  • Pencil-sized collimated beam radiation
  • Proximity sensor – unable to operate when detector moves away from tree surface
  • Multiple layers of protection – unable to operate without accessing the tablet and activating the software
  • Indicator LEDs and audio
  • Approved for use in Australia (QLD, NSW and VIC) and New Zealand
  • Possess, use and transport subject to NEA guidelines