RLS Lamppost Corrosion Testing

Relative Loss of Section (RLS) Testing.

The Relative Loss of Section, RLS, system was developed specifically to locate and quantify corrosion of steel columns that cannot be identified by visual inspection i.e. internal and external surfaces of the buried section of the root, and internal corrosion of the base.

The RLS technique provides a cost efficient assessment of the columns. The results obtained estimate the percentage loss of section allowing the columns to be classified (1 to 5) for either replacement or retesting at a scheduled interval.

For a complete cost-effective inspection and testing service that has been employed by many authorities and contractors in the UK and overseas, then CMT has to be the Obvious Choice.

A unique instrument for identifying corrosion of steel road signs and lighting columns. The only UKAS accredited system to detect and quantify corrosion on planted lighting columns in the United Kingdom. UK accreditation UKAS-0529 Road Signs and Lighting Columns, according to ISO/IEC

RLS from asset owners’ perspective

“A holistic and scientific technology for corrosion detection of street lighting poles”that:

  • Enhances conventional operation and maintenance regime
  • Improves public safety
  • Manage cost effectively
  • Saves from unnecessary replacement of poles


A typical recommendation matrix from RLS testing results