Magnetic Particle Testing

Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT) is a non-destructive test (NDT) process for detecting surface and mptsub-surface defects.

CMT uses three types of magnets for Magnetic Particle Testing: i) Permanent magnet, ii) DC Electromagnet and iii) AC Electromagnet. All three are portable and flexible which can cater to different components’ profile.

In a magnetic particle testing, the component that is to be inspected is magnetized, creating a magnetic field through the component. If there are any defects present on or near the surface, the defects will cause disruption to the uniform pattern of the magnetic field.

The component is sprayed with white background contrast aid paint before it is magnetized. When magnetized, fine iron particles in a suspension of water or paraffin are applied to the component’s white surface. The particles will be attracted and clustered at the magnetic flux disrupted fields at the location of a defect. This forms a visible indication of any crack which may otherwise be undetected.

The magnetic field induced in the component must intercept the defect at a 45 to 90 degrees angle. Flaws or cracked lines that are 90 degrees to the magnetic field will produce the strongest indications because they disrupt more of the magnet flux.

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