SkillsFuture Fellowships Award 2023

A Tribute to Lifelong Learning and Contribution to Skills Mastery

We are delighted to announce that our esteemed CEO, Mr. Sam Chiong, has been honored with the prestigious SkillsFuture Fellowships Award 2023. This recognition was presented to him on the 30th of October, marking a significant milestone in his lifelong commitment to learning and skills mastery.

Upon receiving this remarkable accolade, Mr. Chiong expressed his gratitude and humility, stating, “It’s a privilege to be recognized as a committed lifelong learner and skills mastery advocate, with notable contributions to the upskilling of others. Receiving this prestigious award from Singapore’s new President-elect, Mr. Tharman Shanmugaratnam, is particularly humbling.”

Mr. Chiong’s journey to this honor has been deeply rooted in his own experiences as an alumnus of the Institute of Technical Education (ITE). Having witnessed firsthand the excellence of Singapore’s education system, he remains profoundly thankful for the opportunities it has provided him. His dedication to giving back to the community and the nation is unwavering, as he is committed to playing a significant role in shaping the skills and abilities of our next generation.

As our CEO, Mr. Chiong has consistently demonstrated a relentless commitment to fostering an environment of continuous learning and personal development within our organization. He leads by example and encourages our entire team to embrace a culture of growth, adaptability, and innovation. His vision and leadership have been instrumental in our success, and we eagerly anticipate the exciting work that lies ahead as he continues to inspire and mentor future generations.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Chiong on this well-deserved recognition. His journey serves as a testament to the value of lifelong learning and the impact one individual can have in shaping a brighter future for our society. We are proud to have him at the helm of our organization, leading the way in building a stronger, more skilled, and more resilient workforce for Singapore.